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Social comparisons, household water use and participation in utility conservation programs: Evidence from three randomized trials

(Previous version was titled: Norms and Water Conservation: How Do Effects Vary Across and Within Utilities?)

(with Joe Cook & Skylar Olsen; Revised & Resubmitted at JAERE)

Putting One's Money Where One's Mouth is: Creating Saliency in the Field

(with Lata Gangadharan, Anke Leroux, & Paul A. Raschky; under review)

Dynamic Pricing and Driving Behavior

(with Austin Gross; under review) - media coverage below

-Where Are My Cars: SR-167 Hot Lanes - Sightline Daily

-Why Are HOT Lanes Struggling to Make Money? - Atlantic Cities

Published Articles:

Work in progress:

  • Optimal Design of Subsidies for Energy Efficiency (with Michael Ward)
  • Price Perception in Urban Water Demand (with Michael Ward)
  • Private Provision of Environmental Public Goods (with Lata Gangadharan, Anke Leroux, & Paul A. Raschky)
  • Quantity Salience and Water Demand Elasticity (with Joe Cook)
  • Responses to Time-of-Day Tolling: Substitution of Routes and Modes (with Austin Gross)
  • Economic Incentives for Adaptive Water Management: An Experimental Analysis (with Michael Ward)
  • Toll and Home Values: A Hedonic Analysis (with Reiss McLeod)
  • Drivers of Preferences over Water Supply Options (with Zack Dorner and Anke Leroux)